Richard tells the story of how it all began:

Richard, founder of Moving On
Once upon a time in Cape Town

” a friend was emigrating and asked me to help her sell everything she was leaving behind”

Way back in April 2004, a friend asked me to help her sell her home contents. What a great time I had!   You could call me a born salesman. I love the hustle and the deals and the excitement of selling everything, seeing an empty house and handing over a bagful of cash at the end of it. I was hooked.

My partner Karin and I created a website and set about finding sellers and buyers. We worked until midnight many nights, from a little wendy house in the garden, putting it all together, week after week. People really wanted our services, it was the right place, the right time, we were Moving On!

The business grew and grew – and we realised we needed help. So we took our first agent on – and from there we’ve expanded – Cape Town to Gauteng, Durban and KwaZulu Natal, Port Elizabeth, the Garden Route and Mpumalanga. What a journey it’s been – and we are still growing!

We specialise in selling contents of homes, businesses and estates…

…for people who are emigrating, relocating, downsizing or making changes in their lives.

With over 15 years of experience and agents countrywide we are the originator of this concept in South Africa, so you can count on us for a professional and excellent service.

How Moving On works for YOU:

  • We sell everything from your home or business premises.
  • Sales usually take place on the weekend and are over in 2 or 3 hours.
  • If you would prefer not to have the sale at your premises we can offer you alternative types of sales, just ask us what your options are.
  • Moving On takes photographs of the items for sale, compiles an inventory and assists you in deciding on selling prices.
  • We run a marketing and advertising campaign through the Moving On website and other media for you.
  • We send out a newsletter every week to our subscribers – countrywide we have a database of over 25,000 potential buyers.
  • We deal with all the enquiries regarding the sale.
  • We get the best possible prices for you – much more than a secondhand dealer or auctioneer will offer!
  • See our feedback page for client testimonials – and then please do mail us on with any other queries you may have.

How the Online Shop works:

Now it’s easier for you to get what you want! Reserve your purchase instantly by paying a 20% deposit and it’s yours! Pay the balance on collection, at the arranged time.

  • Like any other online shop – view the item, click on PAY 20% DEPOSIT Button and continue shopping or go to the checkout. The item is not yours until you have made payment! Don’t leave it in your basket and expect it to still be there tomorrow – if someone else has paid for it, its sold.
  • You have 15 minutes to complete your purchases. If you take longer your transaction will be automatically cancelled and you will have to start again.
[woodmart_info_box image=”44″ style=”shadow” alignment=”center” css_animation=”bounceIn” woodmart_css_id=”5d65530456be1″ title=”OUR PAYMENT PROVIDER” svg_animation=”no” info_box_inline=”no”]We use PayFast to accept payments which offers Instant EFT, credit card or debit card.[/woodmart_info_box]

Payment explained:

  • If total amount is R250 or more you can pay by Instant EFT or card.**
  • **Amounts less than R500 are payable by Instant EFT only.
  • If the total you are spending is less than R250 contact the agent to ask if you can attend the sale on the day, as we don’t accept deposits of less than R50.

Refunds will be subject to a handling fee of 10%.